S   O   C   I   A   L      E   A   S   E   R

There is a rising dissatisfaction with the contemporary social systems which are highly corrupted and unsustainable. However there are currently no alternatives that are proven to correct the flaws of the existing systems.

  • How can we utilise our knowledge about social behaviour of human beings and the Internet technologies to ensure proper coordination towards collective good while respecting individual freedom?
  • How can we design social systems which are geared towards long-term well-being rather than short-term gratifications?
  • How can we develop social structures that are more sustainable and robust against corruption?

These are questions that are investigated in my project. I am interested to collaborate with experts in different areas including Computer Science, Mathematical Logic, Social Psychology, Political Philosophy, and Behavioural Economics to develop social systems which are less prone to corruption and effectively coordinate individuals towards long-term collective interests.

Contact me via email (LiveAlive at Gmail dot come) if you are interested.

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